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To conquer death
You only need to die
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Yay! We get HBO now...we had showtime for a while when we first subscribed to Digital Cable, but now we have HBO...but no showtime =(

edit: woo, this movie is so scary...not

Current Music: The Ring...for the first time, on HBO.

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I'm cleaning out my communities/friends list. I am going to delete some people for one(or more) of the following reasons:

  • I don't read your posts, and automatically skip them

  • I never comment on your journal and visa versa

  • I just can't relate to you very well.

If your UN is on the below list and you wish to remain on my friend's list, comment on this post.


The rest of you are fine ^_^
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13 pairs of earrings
Originally $17.25
I got them all for $2, mwahaha!!!

Current Mood: happy happy

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I stole this from rubbertramp
The following italized text is what he posted on his journal.

The following is a survey I did as wildcatfhorn two years ago. Things next to it in blue are my current answers if they have changed. Red wil be my comments about what I said.
I challenge everyone to go back and find a survey like this and see if you have changed.

Instead of using colors, bold will be current answers, and italics will be comments.
I took this on September 2nd, 2002. Collapse )
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Ugh. I really need to clean out my LJ friends and communities and stuff.

Here's a list of people I deleted, fyi. If you wish to be added again, comment.


Edit: Jenna, I added you.
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Mushroom, mushroom!

Current Music: Badger Badger Badger Badger

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Joyeux Saint Valentin, mes petits choux!

Current Mood: groggy groggy
Current Music: Isabelle-Dido

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